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SARAH WEBBER, Humble Creatives Project Coordinator: Humble Creatives is a unique social enterprise which creates affordable, high quality, luxury, scented candles, soaps and wax melts.

We have over 280 different scents and we’re constantly expanding our range.

We’re a community-based social enterprise which has a diverse range of volunteers, participants from many different backgrounds and cultures.

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[Humble Creatives employee interview]

CHRIS BLACKWELL, Humble Creatives Team Assistant: So I first started as a job seeker.

I was assigned to the arts and craft division, which is now called Humble Creatives.

I never imagined working at SSI. I imagined it as your regular work for the dole program previous ones had been before.

There was a difference in this one, it seemed more focused on what we needed rather than just focusing on everyone as a group, which was nice.

My current role at the moment is team assistant so I report directly to Sarah.

I'm the operations manager, making all the candles, making sure they are all made for markets and various other projects we’ve got going, trying to grow Humble Creatives even more.

It's had a very positive impact. I’m working full time now, it's a very good environment.

Humble Creatives is a lot different to everyone else just because it's all handmade from inception right through it sold by people who make the candles so they know exactly what you're talking about when they're trying to sell.

We’re getting people in here who had never even thought about making a candle, let alone that they would be able to make a candle and that makes a big difference, because they're getting something out of it as well.

We’re getting quite a few people who are coming here that have got a job from the various skills that they've learnt.

It's also helping out various other projects within SSI, which is great.

[Interview ends]

SARAH WEBBER, Humble Creatives Project Coordinator: Humble Creatives products are available at many pop-ups stalls and markets across the Sydney Metro Area.

At the moment we have stalls weekly in the Sydney CBD, the Inner West and also Eastern Suburbs.

We also have orders available online and you can purchase bulk orders through email and via phone.

We also have a one-week turnaround period, so it's really fast to get your candles.

[Speaking ends]


Humble Creatives handcrafts are available at local markets and pop-up stalls. For more information visit:


Twitter: @humblecreatives

Instagram: @Humble_Creatives

Or contact us at email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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