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NEIL JONES*: We’d just built this granny flat at the time there was the big humanitarian disaster happening in Syria and we were seeing all the images on TV of Syrian refugees.

Suddenly this idea came to us that we could actually do something useful with our granny flat to contribute to the situation.

So I guess we found SSI though a connection via the Northern Beaches Refugee Initiative.

SSI were positioned to me as the partner who would help us with the settlement process, help find suitable tenants for our flat and that they would run the accommodation as a property agent for us.

It’s also very beneficial as a landlord to have somebody in the middle who contractually manages the agreement with the tenants.

SSI can step in and do as little or as much of that as it’s needed. It’s very comforting to have that sort of contractual safety net, if you like.

They provide a very cost-effective property management service for me.

The family who moved in, they have two daughters who are eight and four, which are roughly the same age as my daughters. From very early on, the girls just started playing together.

So, very quickly, we became parents, and members of a community and neighbours who look out for each other in the normal way.

It’s been great. It’s been a real experience for us all.

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