Ability Links NSW Linkers video transcription

Female Linker 1: Ability Links is an initiative that helps make your life a little easier.

Female Linker 2: Or a lot easier.

Female Linker 3: A little bit more fulfilling.

Female Linker 4: Or much more fulfilling.

Female Linker 1: Let me explain. I'm a Linker.

Male Linker 1: I got this name because I link people with things in the area that make their
life better.

Female Linker 2: You could say us Linkers plug people into the community. (applause)

Male Linker 2: Maybe you love animals, like Samantha, our modern-day Dr. Doolittle.

Female linker 3: Samantha has always dreamt of working with all creatures great and small.
Her degenerative illness was making it hard to realize that dream, so her
Linker got in touch with the zoo.

Male Linker 3: Now Sam has greater access to the zoo and can freely pursue her passion
for animals.

Female Linker 2: Sometimes it's for the little ones. Melissa was worried that her son Heath,
who has autism, wasn't getting out enough.

Male Linker 2: So she called us up, and the Early Linkers, who help kids between 0 and 8
years, worked with them both to find a community activity that Heath
would enjoy. We linked Heath with a horse-riding group, and now he's off

Male Linker 1: Linkers are like a human Google. We're information-rich, and we're free.

Female Linker 4: But we don't live online, we live in your community.

Female Linker 2: Maybe you want to meet one on one, maybe just once.

Female Linker 1: Or maybe every week, even longer.

Male Linker 2: We can find out what your goals are and work together to make them a

Male Linker 1: We're not meeting in a stuffy office.

[At a Beach]

Female Linker 2: We can meet in here.

[At a wildlife park]

Female Linker 4: Or here.

[The Blue Mountains]

Female 3: Or here.

[At a leafy garden]

Male 3: Or here.

Female Linker 2: We once helped Rebecca, who felt house-bound as the sole carer for her
children. Our challenge, how to connect Rebecca with her community.

Male Linker 1: The answer lay in her passion-art.

Male Linker 2: Now, Rebecca runs an art group, which she absolutely loves.

Female Linker 4: The community is not only paints better now, they are also better equipped
to help people with disabilities.

Male Linker 1: If you are age between 0 to 64, we work with you.

Female Linker 1: If you have a disability, we work with you.

Female Linker 2: Basically, if you need help, we work with you.

Male Linker 1: And no matter where you are in New South Wales, you can find a Linker.
Find your Ability Links Linker today or tomorrow.

Female Linker 1: Or the next day.

Female Linker 2: Just go to abilitylinksnsw.org.au and try Ability Links whenever you like.

[Dialogue ends]


To contact your local linker, visit: www.abilitylinksnsw.com.au

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