The SSI Welcome Program

The SSI Welcome Program supports new arrivals from humanitarian backgrounds by connecting them with established locals to make them feel safe and welcome in their new home. It has encouraged cross-cultural relationships in Australian communities since 2018.

The program began as Welcome2Sydney (W2S), co-designed with the City of Sydney. Following its award-winning successes, it evolved into SSI’s Welcome Program to expand into areas outside of Sydney like Coffs Harbour where it launched in June 2022.

How The SSI Welcome Program works

SSI’s Welcome Program builds a sense of belonging and connection to an unfamiliar area and increases confidence by encouraging intercultural dialogue and community cohesion.

It matches local volunteer Welcome Ambassadors with newcomers based on common interests — be it exploring iconic landmarks, discovering local universities or finding a scenic picnic spot to share a meal.


  • Improved information sharing and understanding of local area
  • Increased local community involvement and engagement
  • Increased opportunities for unique inter-cultural dialogue and understanding based on common interests
  • Improved social wellbeing and sense of community

How to get involved

We’re always looking for partners, participants and volunteers to join The SSI Welcome Program.

  • For newcomers from humanitarian backgrounds, you can join free events to meet locals or other newcomers and explore your local area
  • If you’d like to volunteer, we welcome individuals to become a Welcome Ambassador
  • Corporate teams can help by hosting a welcome activity for newcomers
  • Community partners can support us through connections to local activities and sites or hosting events. They include local governments, businesses, community groups and organisations and many others

We’re currently running a host of activities in Metropolitan Sydney and Coffs Harbour so get in touch with our friendly team today how to get involved.

Please email our friendly team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to become part of The SSI Welcome Program.