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We work together with the aged care industry including at-home aged care providers, registered training organisations (RTOs) and relevant stakeholders to build the capacity of the workforce and bring the best outcomes for the sector and senior Australians.

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Our partnership with MARSS in ACT

SSI has partnered with Migrant and Refugee Settlement Services organisation, MARSS Australia Inc., to support the delivery of the government-funded Home Care Workforce Support Program in the ACT.

Through this partnership, we are expanding our reach in the ACT and surrounding areas, including Queanbeyan, to help attract new talent into the Home Care sector and to connect further with local Home Care Providers. Together, we aim to help Home Care Providers offer high-quality care at home to more seniors in the territory.

MARSS’ team on the ground is responsible for attracting new talent and placing them with eligible Home Care Providers. At the same time, SSI is focused on training, upskilling, supporting and retaining Home Care Workers.


MARSS Australia Inc. was established in 1980 as the Migrant Resource Centre and incorporated in 1983. Since its inception, MARSS has been managed by a Board of Management comprising of elected nominees from Canberra’s ethnic communities and nominated members representing the Local Government.

MARSS has grown to become a vibrant service-oriented organisation, incorporating programs for migrants of all ages to assist with language, welfare, employment, access and equity for people from cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


Home Care Staffing Support

Our Home Care Staffing Support initiative helps eligible Home Care Providers in NSW and the ACT boost their team in an easier, faster and more affordable way. We have joined forces with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) registered platform Hireup to connect Home Care Providers with Hireup’s thousands of trained and verified support workers. Eligible Home Care Providers will receive a subsidy from SSI to cover 50% of the wages of casual workers hired through this initiative.

Boost your workforce

Home Care Providers can now access thousands of verified support workers all in one place.

  • More workers: Access 9,000+ approved, verified support workers in NSW and the ACT with a range of experience across the care sector.
  • Affordable solution: save 50% off Hireup’s standard rates with the SSI subsidy when you book eligible workers.
  • Make an impact: With the support of more workers, you can help more seniors enjoy independent lives at home.
SSI & Hireup

Boosting the home care workforce


SSI is a national not-for-profit organisation providing life-changing human and social services.

With community at the heart of everything we do, our purpose is to empower individuals, children, families and communities from diverse backgrounds and identities to fully participate in the economic, social, civic and diverse cultural life of Australia, creating a more equitable, resilient, enriched and inclusive society.

Hireup is Australia’s largest NDIS registered platform of support workers. On Hireup, people with disabilities, their families and support teams can find, hire and manage support workers suited to their needs. 

Service providers can access Hireup for Providers to solve their staffing challenges as an alternative to using agency labour.

SSI has engaged Hireup to help overcome the skills shortage in the at-home aged care sector in NSW and the ACT by launching the new Home Care Staffing Support initiative.

This Home Care initiative helps home care providers boost their workforce by connecting them with verified support workers while saving them 50% of workers’ wages.

  • Support aged care providers to upskill and grow their workforce
  • Give workers opportunities to diversify their skills and experience
  • Ensure choice and continuity of support for ageing Australians
  • Grow and retain the care workforce 

  • More workers: Access 9,000+ approved, verified support workers in NSW and the ACT with a range of experience across the care sector. 
  • Affordable solution: 50% off Hireup’s standard rates when you book workers participating in the program. 
  • Make an impact: With the support of more workers, you can help more seniors enjoy independent lives at home.


Eligible home care providers must register with both SSI and Hireup for Providers.

To register with SSI, providers sign up to the Home Care Staffing Support Program through a Deed of Collaboration. Register with SSI.

To register with Hireup complete this online application form.


Providers must sign a deed of collaboration with SSI to check eligibility for the program and to be set up in SSI’s internal systems to receive the subsidy.


Providers must successfully register with the Hireup for Providers service to be able to find, select and book workers on Hireup.


Providers must be an eligible home care provider in the ACT or NSW AND

Must be registered with SSI and Hireup.

Contact SSI or Hireup to find out if you’re an eligible home care provider.

SSI contact: Jose Miranda Garcia or Kamal Kamalaneson at

Hireup contact: Stephanie Moran at

Obtaining the SSI subsidy

SSI will provide a subsidy to Providers as an incentive to use Workers retained by Hireup (Hireup Workers). The subsidy will be 50 per cent of Hireup’s advertised standard rates, as applicable at the time of the service booking. The subsidy excludes any mileage claims submitted by workers delivering transport, this will be charged at 97c/km.

Unless otherwise agreed between the Provider and Hireup, the Providers are responsible for ensuring Workers register with the SSI, complete SSI’s required training and screening for participation in the Home Care Staffing Support initiative and provide any relevant documentation for the purposes of Home Care Staffing Support.

  • You must be registered with SSI
  • Provide invoice to - attach corresponding Hireup invoice and remittance advice to the request
  • SSI will process the request within 3 working days
  • Provider must pay Hireup in full for the invoiced amount

Copy of Hireup Invoice including the support workers name/Hireup ID, date shift was worked, and proof of payment

Using Hireup

Once registered, Hireup will arrange an onboarding call with all participating Providers to show them how to use the Hireup Platform, with ongoing support available through the Hireup for Providers team.

Hireup for Providers team at or on 02 8776 3863.

There are 2 ways to engage with workers for the program:

  • Post a job on the Hireup platform stipulating you are seeking SSI registered support workers. Interested workers will then show interest on the platform.
  • Search directly for workers who have registered with SSI using the keyword SSI in the search filter on the Hireup platform. You can contact these workers directly to discuss and book workers for any available shifts.

To be eligible for the subsidy, Providers must check workers are registered with SSI prior to making a booking. It is the Providers responsibility to ensure that any workers they engage are registered with SSI if they wish to apply for the subsidy.

All of this will be covered in the onboarding process with Hireup.

Hireup recommends including the follow information in your job posts on Hireup:

  • In the job heading: SSI registered workers for aged care shifts
  • In the job description field: To be eligible for this job workers must be registered with SSI or be willing to register before the date of the shift.

By registering you'll gain access to more shifts in more ways on Hireup, along with a range of other benefits.

To register, simply complete this quick application form and you’ll be notified within 24 hours of your application outcome.

To find out more about this program visit: Home Care Staffing Support Program

You can ask the worker if they would like to join the program. If the worker doesn’t wish to participate or isn’t eligible you may continue to book them on Hireup but will not be eligible for the subsidy.

Send workers a booking request on the Hireup platform. In the invoicing notes on the booking include the worker’s Hireup ID.

Yes, however these workers will not be subsidised by SSI. You may choose to set up an additional account on Hireup to manage SSI workers.

Providers will receive a weekly invoice on a Monday from Hireup. Providers pay Hireup in full for the Workers without applying any subsidy or reimbursement that may be available to a Provider under the Home Care Staffing Support Program.


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