Community-Based Initiatives FAQ

The Garden Playgroup is a weekly playgroup for families to come together and take part in fun activities and meet new people. We are creating a safe place for families to connect and bond. We reduce social isolation by facilitating interaction where families from varied backgrounds meet and learn from each other.

We want to encourage CALD families to read and play with their children - building their interpersonal and communication skills. It is beneficial to families who have limited family or social support and it is a fantastic way for parents to find new ways to connect with their children.

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When: Every Wednesday, 10am - 12pm

Where: Auburn Centre for Community, 44A Macquarie Road Auburn

A new project co-designed by City of Sydney and SSI. The project aims to encourage newcomers to explore and develop a sense of belonging in the City of Sydney. Hosted by volunteer Ambassadors who reside in the City of Sydney, welcome activities include social, cultural and recreational activities that match individual interests such as excursions to the Yabun festival, Australia day celebrations, Lunar New year events and Mardi Gras celebrations.

More than just a meal!: At Community Kitchen people from different backgrounds and cultures share and learn from one another in a welcoming and fun community space. The community celebrates fortnightly events throughout the year with workshops, performance, activities, music and incredible food – every event is unique. In the 5 years of this initiative, the kitchen has served over 18,000 meals.

"Here I can talk to so many people from different parts of the world and always find something in common. We are all brothers and sisters here, this is my Australian family"

When: Every second Wednesday, 11am - 2pm

Where: Auburn Centre for Community, 44A Macquarie Road Auburn