About Us

Reconciliation Action Plan

SSI believes it has a role to play in a more unified, equal and respectful nation. We have a deep commitment to knowing and understanding more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ wide-ranging cultures, beliefs, and kinship systems.

In 2019 we established a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) working group called Walking Together to gather input from staff, clients and community and to focus attention on developing our first RAP. While COVID-19 delayed our internal timeframes, work continued and Reconciliation Australia conditionally endorsed our RAP at the Innovate level in July 2021. It was officially launched in February 2022.

Implementing an Innovate RAP signals SSI’s readiness to develop and strengthen relationships, engage staff and stakeholders in reconciliation, and pilot innovative strategies to ensure effective outcomes.

The artwork was created for SSI in 2019 by Julie Ruttley, a Gomeroi woman from Northern NSW, and former SSI staff member.


 Our RAP was launched on 23 February 2022. Watch our video from that day below: