New Roots Ambassador Hameed Kherkhah video transcript

Hi my name is Hameed Kherkhah, I play for the Campbelltown Camden Ghosts.

My dad came here as a refugee from Afghanistan. Our family came here afterwards.

When we arrived here we faced a lot of challenges.

Now I’d like to introduce to you a new App it’s called the new roots.

It’s a great app. I think it’s going to help a lot of people, a lot of refugees.

It can help you apply for work, study, and learn your way around.

This app can help people by helping them stay strong, meet different people, get in to sports and organisations.

This app can also help with managing money. It comes in four languages, Arabic, English, Farsi and Tamil.

It has stories of other people who have arrived to Australia and videos, and there’s much more stuff in there.

This app is really good and I recommend people use it.

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