New Roots Ambassador Dr Munjed Al Muderis video transcript

Hello, I’m Dr Munjed Muderis and I’m here to talk about the New Roots app for men who have come to Australia to start a new life.

I came to Australia as a refugee from Iraq, in 2000, and, looking back, that period of my life was very difficult.

Fleeing Iraq had been quite stressful and settling in a new country was also difficult at first.

When a tree is transplanted from one place to another it takes time to grow new roots and become strong again. With enough sun, nutrients and water, the tree can grow strong and fruitful in its new place. 

This is like initial period of a man being uprooted from his home, and this idea is where the New Roots app gets its name.

This app comes in Arabic, English, Farsi and Tamil, and it has information and tips about staying healthy and strong, meeting new people and joining local sports clubs and community groups.

It has information about education and qualifications in Australia, on applying for work and on managing money and housing when you first settle here.

I think the app will be very helpful and I want to recommend it to all men who’ve come to Australia recently.

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