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Stronger starts, brighter futures

pdfStronger starts, brighter futures

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A stable environment and nurturing relationships with family, neighbours and communities are critical for childhood development and it is well established that the early years of a child's life can have lasting impacts throughout the life course. Consequently, improving childhood development tends to focus on early intervention in the pre-school years and adopts a public health approach to shift the development trajectory of the entire population of children towards the healthy end of the development continuum.

SSI Artist Voices Report

pdfSSI Artist Voices Report

'SSI Artist Voices: experiences of the pandemic and a desired future’ presents the findings of a series of virtual in-depth artist roundtables facilitated by SSI between August and September 2020. The roundtables aimed at providing an opportunity for artists involved in the SSI Arts & Culture program to discuss the future of the arts and their own artistic practice and to define what recovery and support would look like for them.

Western Sydney Community Pulse Report on COVID-19

pdfSSI Western Sydney Community Pulse Report on COVID-19

As a community organisation providing settlement and a range of other social services, including foster care, employment and disability services, Settlement Services International (SSI) is experiencing the impacts of COVID-19 on some of our most vulnerable individuals and communities. The identification of pockets of Western Sydney as COVID-19 “hotspots” has brought increased attention by SSI, our members, partners and collaborators as to how people and communities are experiencing the pandemic.

Foundations for belonging: A snapshot of newly arrived refugees

pdfSignature Foundations Report

Successful settlement and integration is a goal shared by refugees, the communities where refugees settle and government at all levels. This research shines a light on aspects of integration that are often overlooked: refugees’ social connections and their access to rights and fulfilment of responsibilities

All in for Armidale: A whole-of-community approach to Ezidi settlement

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A unique approach to regional refugee settlement is delivering strong results in the new settlement location of Armidale, offering insights that will guide other regional centres seeking to welcome newcomers as long-term members of their communities.