Vocational Education and Training Scholarship

Scholarship Information

Criteria and Instructions  

The SSI Allianz Refugee Scholarships have been created to minimise the financial barriers experienced by people with a refugee experience as they participate in the NSW, QLD, and VIC education system, including Vocational Education and Training (VET).  

VET courses offers people from a refugee background, the opportunity to demonstrate previous experience and knowledge in their chosen field, or to re-train to pursue a new career. Scholarships of up to $3,000 are available for eligible students of a refugee background to study in NSW, QLD, or VIC. 


Award of the scholarship may affect the eligibility of the applicant (or the applicant’s family) to receive social, health or other payments, services, allowances or support from the Australian Government or other organisations, including payments and services provided by Centrelink (Benefits), or may affect the rate or the extent of the Benefits the applicant (or the applicant’s family) is entitled to receive. It is necessary for an applicant to review their particular circumstances to determine how the scholarship may affect their eligibility to receive the Benefits.

The scholarship is only available to applicants whose visa entitlements allow for study in Australia. Legislative changes to existing visas may introduce additional conditions which may preclude or restrict the applicant’s eligibility to study. The applicant must check their particular visa details and conditions from time to time to determine whether their visa provides the appropriate study entitlements to undertake the study or courses for which the scholarship is awarded.

SSI provides the scholarship to the applicant without any warranties, express or implied, including any warranties as to the applicant’s suitability for the scholarship, that the applicant’s visa provides (or will continue to provide) the appropriate study entitlements for the scholarship, or that the applicant’s entitlement to receive any Benefits will not be affected by the award of the scholarship. SSI will not be liable for any losses, expenses, damages (including indirect or consequential damages) or costs which might be suffered by the applicant (or the applicant’s family) as a result of the award of the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria

To be successful in their application for support, students must: 

  • be from a refugee background on a humanitarian visa. Visa Subclass 200, 201, 202, 203 and 204, 117, 866, 842. Applicants on a SHEV 790 or TPV 785 will be considered on a case by case basis
  • have been living in Australia for five years or less 
  • be currently enrolled in a vocational education and training course in NSW, QLD or VIC. 
  • reside and study full time in NSW, QLD or VIC. 
  • not have been awarded an SSI scholarship previously 
  • study at an approved education institution in NSW, QLD or VIC. 

N.B. if successful no more than one scholarship will be granted per immediate family

Scholarship Purpose

The scholarship funding is intended to support individuals in their academic pursuits and can be used to contribute towards items such as:

  • registration and exam fees
  • extra tuition costs
  • English language courses 
  • textbooks and relevant course materials
  • technology costs, such as computer, software and internet access

Application Guidelines

Applicants must:

  • complete the application form in full in the applicant’s own words 
  • provide a letter of introduction 
  • be able to satisfy the visa eligibility requirements 
  • provide a copy of their most recent academic transcript (where possible) 
  • be able to provide evidence supporting their application if deemed necessary  
  • provide two referees and at least one referee letter 

Application Checklist

Before submitting your application to SSI, please ensure that you:

  • Meet the eligibility requirements 
  • Tick application declaration box and type name and date.
  • Have the below documents ready to upload at the time of submission:
    • Attach a cover letter 
    • Attach a copy of your most recent academic transcript  
    • Attach at least one referee letter
    • Attach proof of visa subclass
  • Please ensure you have all the required documents before you begin your application 

Application Process

  • Additional information is available at www.ssi.org.au/scholarships 
  • Applications must be submitted online 
  • All Inquiries directed to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

All eligible applications received will be considered by the Scholarship Committee. 

Key Dates

  • Applications open 6 October 2021 
  • Applications close strictly at 5pm Friday 29 October 2021 (late or incomplete applications will not be considered). 
  • Scholarships announced End December to End January 2022 
  • Successful Vet applicants receive their funding mid-January 2022-early February 2022

If support is required, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Instructions for referees

Briefly introduce yourself and your relationship with the applicant. 
Referee letters should describe the qualities of applicant based on the relationship you have with the applicant (for example, academic, character etc). Be specific and give examples.  
If you are a school teacher, please provide alternative contact details for the holiday period. 

Links to

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