Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS)

COVID-19 impact on services: IAAAS is still open during the pandemic. All contact with our migration experts will be done via phone and/or videoconferencing.

The Immigration Advice and Application Assistance Scheme (IAAAS) is funded by the Australian Government to provide professional immigration advice and visa application assistance to non-citizens, who have arrived lawfully in Australia and who meet specific eligibility criteria.

Access the IAAAS Online Referral Form here.

Settlement Services International (SSI) has commenced managing the delivery of IAAAS under a contract with the Department of Home Affairs.

The IAAAS eligibility criteria ensures that IAAAS Service is available to vulnerable  non-citizens who are either seeking a Protection visa in Australia or are minors for whom the Minister is guardian under the Immigration (Guardianship of Children) Act.

IAAAS is managed by SSI, who coordinate the delivery of services by specialist partner organisations in each Australian state and territory.

For IAAAS enquiries, contact Settlement Services International on 1800 932 082.


More information and resources 

IAAAS Brochure 2019

Click the image above to view and download the IAAAS brochure.


Factsheets for IAAAS are available for download below, providing easy to understand details on IAAAS and the eligibility criteria.

pdfIAAAS General Factsheet English174.94 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Arabic362.44 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Burmese247.37 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Chinese (S)377.75 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Spanish199.74 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Vietnamese324.77 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Dari186.03 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Tamil193.02 KB
pdfIAAAS General Factsheet Farsi181.56 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth English358.04 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Arabic362.44 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Burmese191.97 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Chinese (S)286.29 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Spanish185.12 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Vietnamese297.29 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Dari303.27 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Farsi317.92 KB
pdfIAAAS Factsheet for Youth Tamil570.79 KB


Success stories

SSI Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Vile

Courtesy The Australian: Ethiopian refugee Adi Tefera, left, with volunteer chef Kate Spina at Four Brave WomenSue Vile was among the first to be inducted into the SSI’s Armidale volunteer program, bringing with her a wealth of experience and existing training gathered from her time in aid work, in Australia and abroad.

A retired school teacher and nurse, Sue has dedicated an enormous amount of her time in recent years on the front line of humanitarian services, helping refugees at many stages of their journey to safety.


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