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Refugees turn stories into song with the Human Sound Project

Refugees and other newly arrived community members are turning their stories into song with a global musical movement that empowers people from all backgrounds to express themselves through music.

Refugee education, employment at heart of SSI Mosaic Gala

When Elaha* was seven, her parents made the heartbreaking decision to send her to live in India so she could enjoy a more free life than in her native country. Growing up in a foster care home away from her family, Elaha always made an extra effort with her education as she felt that would help to justify her parents’ sacrifice.

SSI supports grassroots community partners in disability inclusion

Diversity and inclusion were at the heart of SSI’s recent collaboration with a colourful celebration of the culture of Iraq.

‘SSI includes everyone!’

Meet Jawad, a volunteer at SSI’s fortnightly Community Kitchen in Auburn since 2012.

Magda Szubanski to headline SSI’s Mosaic Gala

Magda Szubanski is to be guest speaker at SSI’s inaugural Mosaic Gala, to be held at Merivale Ivy Ballroom on September 15.

Festival gives refugee artists a new beginning

The New Beginnings Festival for Refugee Week brings together new and established communities for a program of visual arts, film, installations and workshops. The festival will include the Singular/Plural art exhibition, featuring established contemporary artists Lindy Lee, Aroha Groves, Alex Seton and Garry Trinh exhibiting alongside newly arrived artists from refugee backgrounds, including Sameer Dakhil — an expert engraver from Iraq.

Freedom of expression vs cultural appropriation

Journalists, comedians and writers will explore the blurry lines between freedom of expression and cultural appropriation at an event that will tip the traditional debate format on its head. Cultural appropriation controversies continue to dominate headlines, targeting everything from festival wear to the hairstyles of the Kardashians, but critics argue these continual outcries are stifling the creative expression. Should artists be restricted by cultural boundaries when creating their work?

Tamil community celebrates New Year and Easter at Community Kitchen

The SSI Community Kitchen at Auburn Centre for Community on April 19, was a combined celebration of Tamil New Year and Easter.

SSI Mosaic Gala

{loadposition gala-1}   Download Sponsorship Prospectus The event The SSI Mosaic Gala will be held at the stylish Ivy Ballroom on Friday, September 14, 2018. An estimated 400 guests will attend. Purchase tickets/tables now! The concept of a mosaic is about bringing many different elements together to form a beautiful whole. In this way, it […]

Inclusive Harmony Day and Nowruz celebration proves that ‘Everyone Belongs’

Hundreds of SSI staff, clients, volunteers and friends gathered on March 22 at Auburn Centre for Community to celebrate Australia’s vibrant and multicultural society with a joint Harmony Day and Nowruz event.

SSI celebrates Harmony Day with the Friendly Nation Initiative

Harmony Day is about inclusivity, respect and belonging. It was a day that SSI marked in March with a celebration as part of an initiative from Australia’s business sector that will help many refugees to build a sense of belonging in Australia.

SSI Member Spotlight: Core Multicultural Communities

A group of novice singers and musicians from refugee and migrant backgrounds delighted a packed audience at the Powerhouse Youth Theatre, Fairfield, on December 10 with their Women in Harmony showcase.

International Day of People with Disability celebrations aim to achieve an inclusive and equitable world

International Day of People with Disability was celebrated by SSI together with participants and Linkers from SSI Ability Links NSW in Ashfield on Tuesday November 6. The SSI auditorium was filled with the sounds of Jonathon Yung on piano to start off the morning tea event.

20 Voices symposium on education for young people from multicultural backgrounds

Over one hundred multicultural youth came together for the 20 Voices Youth Symposium on Education last month to learn how to navigate the local education system and take their career goals into their own hands.

Youth symposium supports multicultural youth to break through barriers in education system

Multicultural youth from across Greater Western Sydney came together for the 20 Voices Youth Symposium on Education yesterday to break through barriers in Australia’s education system and build solid foundations for their future. Hosted by the Youth Collective, the 20 Voices Youth Symposium provided a forum for young people to share skills and experiences, build new networks, and learn how to navigate the education system to work towards their career goals.

Youth key focus at Community Kitchen

Young people from all walks of life recently pitched in for the MY Kitchen Rocks event, which brought young people together to neet new friends over games, sports and activities.

Sydney says welcome at Walk Together 2016

Close to 1,000 Sydneysiders braved the rain to show their support for a more compassionate, inclusive and welcoming Australia at Walk Together 2016, in Sydney on Saturday.

It’s time to Walk Together

Thousands of Sydney-siders will stand up for a more compassionate, generous and welcoming Australia at Walk Together 2016, in Sydney this Saturday. Not-for-profit humanitarian organisation Settlement Services International (SSI) has partnered with Welcome to Australia to host the Sydney arm of the national diversity celebrations, which will take place in capital cities and regional centres all over Australia on Saturday October 22.

Youth take over Auburn Centre for Community

Young people from all walks of life will take over the Auburn Centre for Community next Wednesday for the annual MY Kitchen Rocks event. Now in its second year, Multicultural Youth (MY) Kitchen Rocks is an opportunity for young people from diverse backgrounds to make new friends and take part in activities including sports, candle making and music workshops.

Ku-ring-gai community unites to support newly arrived refugees

Children, volunteers, church groups and families from the Ku-ring-gai community have welcomed newly arrived refugees with open arms, showing their support with a welcome event, donation appeal and more.