Reaching in by joining-up

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In March 2013, Legal Aid NSW and Settlement Services International (SSI) formalised a partnership (SSI Partnership) to provide accessible legal services to culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community members experiencing disadvantage and limited access to legal assistance.

Under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Parties, outreach family law and civil law (including specialist immigration) clinics are operated by Legal Aid NSW at eight SSI member organisations, in 10 locations (Auburn Diversity Services; Fairfield Migrant Resource Centre, Fairfield and Cabramatta; Illawarra Multicultural Services; Liverpool Migrant Resource Centre; Metro Migrant Resource Centre, Campsie and Marrickville; Northern Settlement Services, Bateau Bay; Sydney Multicultural Community Services, Daceyville; SydWest Multicultural Services, Blacktown).


Women at risk summary

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Refugee women at risk are survivors, protectors and providers. They are subject to severe and systematised human rights abuses at all stages of their journey to find refuge. Some are brutally raped and suffer endemic sexual and gender based violence. Many women and girls are forced to engage in survival sex in order to feed themselves and their families. They often bear one or more children of rape. Many are without the protection of family and community. Single women and widows are often targeted for rape and forced marriage. They suffer rejection, isolation and are at heightened risk of ongoing abuse. Many live in a constant state of insecurity and fear.

This report was presented at the Women at Risk forum in July 2014, hosted by SSI.


Keeping their hopes alive

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The 70-page booklet is a good practice guide to case management with young people from refugee backgrounds.

Refugee women at risk in Australia

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The report, Refugee Women at Risk in Australia, was commissioned by SSI and undertaken by the UNSW Centre for Refugee Research. It evaluated the organisation’s work with women at risk.