Success Stories

Kamiran and Zozan came to Australia from Syria with their family two years ago. Their life in Syria revolved around owning a restaurant specialising in delicious, local cuisine, frequented by friends, family and the community on a regular basis. Here in Australia, they’re re-discovering their passion for food, and are looking to bring a taste of Syria for the Coffs Harbour community to enjoy.

With the support of Settlement Services International and the team of amazing community members from the Happy Frog restaurant who host their stall at the Harbourside Markets, Kamiran and Zozan have now built the confidence and capacity to run their own stall to share their traditional Syrian Coffee, Tea and culinary delights with the people of Coffs Harbour.

The culture of the Harbourside Market and members of the community like those from the Happy Frog radiates into the community and connects individuals with organisations, so that everyone can benefit by learning from each other and sharing ideas.

Having a sense of belonging is key to the success of any community. For those newcomers supported by SSI, one of the most critical goals in their settlement journey is to build deep and lasting relationships with existing community members, so that they feel enabled to pursue their passions and rebuild their lives in the safety of Australia.

The Harbourside Market, along with the support of those from the Happy Frog, has provided the platform for Kamiran and Zozan to re-create their business and establish a meeting place for our community, a place where artists and performers from among our newcomers can come to express themselves, and where new bonds can be forged between members of the Coffs Harbour community, new and old alike.