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SSI Ability Links helps publish a budding author

Dr Khursheedah Jonud, a Mauritius-born mother now living in Hassall Grove, had a long-life dream; publishing her own novel and sharing it for free with a large audience to enjoy it. After years of writing articles and sharing them with friends, she eventually finished her first book. The next step, however, was to find a way to have it published.

Khursheedah Jonud
Dr Khursheedah Jonud wanted to have her book published

In February, Dr Jonud, who has a serious medical condition, attended a SSI Ability Links NSW (ALNSW) presentation at Sydwest Multicultural Services. ALNSW is a program delivered by SSI that supports people with disability aged 9 – 64 years, their families and carers, to live the life they want as valued members of their community.

“I attended the presentation and I immediately thought that Ability Links could give me the help I needed,” she said. “When it finished I ran after the Linker who did the presentation to discuss my idea with her.”

The SSI Linker that presented that day was Ms Seema Syed, who coincidentally speaks Urdu like Dr Jonad. Many of SSI’s Linkers are bilingual and bicultural, making it easier to work with people from all backgrounds and those who may be more isolated due to cultural or language barriers.

Dr Jonad and Ms Syed worked together to map out a pathway to help achieve her dream. Ms Syed found that traditional publishers were not suitable for the situation. She didn’t give up, however, and finally found a suitable alternative; an online writing community where users can publish their work for free.

“I was very lucky to meet Seema, she has been such a great help,” Dr Jonad said. “I uploaded my book online and I got over 500 readers in three months. I couldn’t be happier.”

This outcome pushed Dr Jonad to keep up with her writing and she has already published her second book online.

If you would like to read Dr Jonad book, you can find it here.

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