Amid today’s turmoil, where insecurity and uncertainty are rife, SSI acts as a light at the end of the tunnel and a crucial support system for many individuals and families from refugee and migrant backgrounds. SSI is a community organisation and social business that supports newcomers and other Australians in achieving their full potential. We work with those who experience vulnerability including refugees, people seeking asylum and culturally and linguistically diverse communities. 

We help them to build capacity and enable them to overcome inequality, bringing to life SSI's vision to achieve a society that values the diversity of its people and provides support to ensure meaningful social and economic participation.





Volunteering is a great way to support a charity you are passionate about and to give back to your local community.

You can support newcomers to Australia, while gaining valuable personal and work experience by becoming an SSI volunteer. Volunteers are an important part of the SSI and are involved in a wide range of programs and services that support recently arrived refugees, humanitarian entrants and asylum seekers.




The #ListenToMyStory campaign aims to provide the communities we support with a platform to have their voice heard and an opportunity to contribute to the rapidly evolving wider Australian discourse.

Storytelling has the power to open people’s mind and imagination, honor the lived experience of others, bring us together and expose truth. Sharing people’s experiences and opinions can help all of us reflect on our own lives, the lives of others, and begin to make sense of the many experiences, dilemmas, hardships and biases we may face.

To have the greatest impact, it is important the stories featured in the #ListenToMyStory campaign to reach as many individuals as possible, be that through social media, our website or you!

You can help spread their stories and messages by following SSI on our social media platforms and sharing our #ListenToMyStory posts with your family and friends.

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