Meet May,

May is a single middle-aged woman living in Australia on a bridging visa. Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns May lost her employment as a cook and is now homeless.


At night, May sleeps on a massage table at a local massage clinic. She is entirely dependent on the support of charity. The most she has been able to receive is food, warm clothing, and a $50 everyday voucher.

While visiting the SSI office, May described her living conditions and how she has nowhere to wash herself.

When informed of Parramatta Mission’s the shower and laundry service, May’s eyebrows rose from her face mask. She bowed her head, placed her hands in prayer position at her heart and she said “thank you for letting me know, I really need this place. But is it free?”

May gave the impression that although she is currently being forced to live in survival mode, she is humbly waiting for any opportunity, no matter how small, that can alleviate the challenges of her situation.

*Image and name changed to protect the individual's identity.