Meet Sandra,

Sandra is a young woman in her mid-20’s. She aspires to become a qualified lawyer and travelled to Australia alone to do her master’s degree.

Sandra is no longer a student and is now living on a bridging visa while she awaits the outcome of her application for asylum in Australia.


Before COVID-19 emerged, Sandra’s passport expired, and she was unable to apply for a new one. Sandra explained that she was stuck.

Sandra was previously working in a restaurant but has lost work and is now unemployed and ineligible for federal government support.

Since the COVID-19 shutdowns her situation has gone from bad to worse. Sandra’s her rent was eight weeks in arrears when she was forced to move out. The instability of losing her home and resulting feelings of hopelessness have severely affected her mental health.

She visited SSI to receive advice on her situation and she was provided with a Care Package of food staples and general necessities. You can support individuals and families in need by contributing towards a Care Package here.

Sandra has a history of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. As a result, she was provided a referral to a psychiatrist, but cannot afford to attend the appointment.

In fear of homelessness Sandra has sought the support of a former male colleague who she is currently living with. Sandra is paying her share of rent and expenses but is completely dependent on him to support her.

*Image and name changed to protect the individual's identity.