Meet Andrew,

Andrew* has been in Australia on a bridging visa for seven years. He is currently 14 weeks in rent arrears. He is unable to find appropriate work due to COVID-19, in addition to a physical injury he sustained before arriving in Australia.


Andrew was recently informed by his doctor that he requires surgery for his injury. When Andrew requested a copy of his MRI from the doctor, he was told that he would need to pay for it and the report. Andrew cannot afford his medical report and is worried he will have to sell his last possession; his car, to receive it. Andrew is concerned that without this medical documentation he will be unsuccessful in his SSRS application.

Andrew has been unable to work for three months. Prior to this, his employment required large amounts of physical strength and exertion, which has resulted in the deterioration of his injury.

Physical injuries are not all that troubles Andrew. Having spent all his life savings on general living expenses, he cannot see an immediate future and way to sustain himself. His mental health has deteriorated significantly.

Adding to this pressure, Andrew’s landlord is asking on a weekly basis for him to finalise his rental payment. Andrew’s landlord is also under financial pressure, having lost income due to COVID-19 and the recent birth of his child.

Unfortunately, it is now clear that Andrew’s situation is not only impacting his life, has rippled out and is now affecting those around him.

*Image and name changed to protect the individual's identity.