As a multicultural, liberal society, Australia is rich with the stories and experiences of the diverse people and communities that together build this country 

In times of calm and  crisis, there is great value in looking to the stories of those around usEvery person has a unique story that is constantly changing, being rewritten and forgotten from the moment we are born until we die.   

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Listening to a diversity of voices, such as those of migrants, refugees, First Nation peoples, those with a disability and the LGBTIQ+ community can help all of us reflect on our own lives, the lives of others, and begin to make sense of the many experiences, dilemmas and hardshipsfacedStories are also an effective way to educate, inspire and build connection between disparate communities andgroups. 

There is power in an individual’s choice to step forward and share their unique experiences and point-of-view with society. Storytelling has the power to open our mind and imagination, honor the lived experience of others, bring us together and expose truth. 

The #ListenToMyStory campaign aims to provide the communities SSI supports with a platform to have their voice heard and an opportunity to contribute to the rapidly evolving wider Australian discourse. 


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