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SSI Arts and Culture Program hosts an annual tour dedicated to elevating the voices and experiences of artists through art, music, poetry, and more. We aim to raise awareness and understanding of their live stories.

This year’s program will run during Refugee Week from 17 June – 1 July 2024, with stops in BrisbaneCoffs Harbour and Sydney.

The tour features ‘The Path Within’, a visual arts exhibition showcasing multimedia, photography, painting, digital art, and workshops in collaboration with CuriousWorks artists Ali Rezvani (Iran), Khishkok Abdo (Kurdistan), Emmanuel Asante (Ghana), and Shiva Dadvar (Iran).

The program concludes with a live collaborative performance during events in Brisbane and Coffs Harbour,  where Australian Poetry Slam Champion Huda The Goddess and multi-instrumentalist Cieavash Arean join forces to explore childhood memories, journeys of exile and haven, and the pain that underlines it all. With bold words and exquisite melodies, they weave together the intergenerational parallels and contrasts of their efforts as activists using art to bring personal and political realities to the fore.

Events at Brisbane and Coffs Harbour will feature “The Artists’ Perspective”, a live panel where Ali, Emmanuel, Kishkok, and Shiva discuss their creative process, fostering critical thinking, discussion, and connection through their artistic expressions.

Additionally, the Homelands program includes the workshop “Storytelling through Art” in Brisbane where participants will explore the self through storytelling and symbolism with Emmanuel Asante.

This tour is designed for an intimate and exclusive experience, with limited capacity to ensure a personalised and unforgettable journey. We highly recommend securing your ticket soon!


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About the artists

“The Path Within” exhibition

Ali Rezvani (Iran): A Sydney-based filmmaker and artist specialising in video and photography. Ali’s works explore the complexities of human relationships through simple yet nuanced visual language. His film work has been recognised with the 2017 Lake Award (Altın Göl Ödülü) for his artistic contributions to Turkey’s creative sector, and featured in international film festivals, such as San Mauro Film Festival, SWIFF 2023, and A Rebel Minded Film Festival.

Khishkok Abdo (Kurdistan): A passionate artist focusing on drawing, painting, and digital art. Growing up in Kurdistan, she faced significant challenges due to her deafness and barriers to education and lack of support. Now in Australia, she uses her art to challenge perceptions and advocate for the deaf community. Most recently, she has embarked on a journey of exploring photography, opening a new door for self-expression.

Emmanuel Asante (Ghana): Currently residing in Fairfield in Western Sydney, Emmanuel arrived in Australia in April 2015 and graduated from Eagle Vale High School in 2018. He is highly influenced by his home culture, Mexican surrealist painter Frida Kahlo and his artist-mentor Abdul Abdullaha.

Shiva Dadvar (Iran): She moved to Sydney in 2019 and studied visual art at TAFE. Winner of the Bondi Graffiti Wall Competition, Shiva facilitates arts-based workshops and is currently studying Transpersonal Art Therapy to be able to discover and utilise the inherent power of art in community healing and personal development.

Live performances

Cieavash Arean (Iran): A self-taught multi-instrumentalist, Cievash has performed at major festivals and venues including La Boite Theatre, GOMA, Parliament House, Woodford Folk Festival, QPAC, Customs and Government House, Brisbane Multicultural Festival, and more. His work includes composing music for theatre and film, such as “Vikram and The Vampire ” and “A beautiful life” by Michael and Hellen Futcher, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Music Festival, and more.

Huda the Goddess: Huda is a spoken word poet, educator, mental health advocate, dancer, and workshop facilitator. She describes poetry as one of her senses that has allowed her to turn her experiences into art and maintain her connection to her people. She is the current Australia Poetry Slam Champion and two-time Queensland champ, as well as the founder and creator of Black Ink and ‘She Is’ Collective.