The financial impacts of COVID-19 are evolving rapidly and hit different members of society unevenlyThe Australian Government is providing financial assistance to Australians to support them through the Coronavirus, including: 

Updates from organisations and banks 

  • The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has developed a Coronavirus Financial Support Guide and Information Hub which outlines the support options available to their clients. 
  • Many other banks are also providing relief and financial support during these times, please check your financial institution here to find out how they are helping clients during these times. 
  • The Red Cross will be receiving funds from the Australian Government for the next six months to deliveremergency relief and casework supportfor people who are on temporary visas. 
  • NBN announced on the 17th of April, that itwill establish a $150 million financial relief and assistance fund to help internet providers to support their residential and small and medium business customers affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

To find out more about welfare benefits, employment, housing and Centrelink, click here.