Food, medication and other essentials

Food and essentials

Most supermarkets have started to trade as usual, with some product restrictions and social distancing rules still in place. Woolworths and Coles are still encouraging customers to order online whenever possible and have doubled delivery capacity in order to do so. 

The Staples Bag
The Staples Bag, an SSI initiative, is a community food project providing easy access to low cost and high-quality nutritious food staples. During this time, The Staples Bag’s Campsie store will remain open


National emergency relief services
For national emergency relief services, including food, clothing, vouchers or help with bills, contact your local arm of The Salvation Army or St Vincent De Paul.


If you run out of medication while self-isolating, you can ask for your medication to be delivered to your home, by a family member, friend or your normal pharmacy.  

Medicine Delivery from local Pharmacies
Call your preferred pharmacy or check their website to see whether:

  • they have your medicine in stock
  • they offer home delivery
  • you can order online or over the phone

Home Medicines Services
A delivery service for vulnerable groups and people in isolation. You can use the service if you are: 

  • isolating at home on the advice of a medical practitioner or a COVID-19 hotline
  • aged over 70
  • an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person aged over 50
  • immunocompromised or have a chronic health condition
  • a parent of a new baby
  • pregnant
  • an aged care home resident, if your facility does not use another home delivery service


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