Sally arrives in Australia to begin a new life with Abraham, full of hope; as time passes, carelessness casts its long, winter shadow. Sally and Abraham are a young couple, full of hope. Sally has come from her home country to live in suburban Sydney with Abraham. Taking a huge leap of faith, with the promise of love, they begin their life together.  

As times presses on, with work, old habits and obligations, the couple begin to sleep walk through their lives. One day Sally awakes, startled, and discovers that all the colour has drained from their home. They have become old. In a waking, melancholy dream, the couple stumble and try to repair the wreckage of carelessness.  

This romantic film hits a nerve with many of us; recognizing the easy slide into half-light when we take the promise of love for granted. 



Director/Writer: Ali Al Azeez 
Producer: Caitlin Newton-Broad 
Script Consultant & Continuity: Miranda Aguilar 
Director of Photography: Ali Al Azeez 
Music: Ali Gouya 
Design: Payam Gouya 
Performers: Rowena Assaad and Firdaws Adelpour 
Executive Producer: CuriousWorks