Josselyn moved to Australia from El Salvador in 2015 when she was 14 years old. In the chaos of huge, cultural change she loses the one thing that made her feel herself the most - dancing.  

Set on the suburban streets of Mt Druitt, western Sydney, El Baile is a dance, cinematic poem about nostalgia and isolation. Josselyn once felt like a star in her home country and now, she feels stuck in her new reality. In the process of migration, she lost her passion and in turn, lost her happiness. With the help of someone she meets, she is able to return to her passion because they allowed her the space to be herself, without protest. El Baile highlights the importance of holding onto your cultural roots and passion, and society embracing acceptance for all people. 



Director/Writer: Daisy Montalvo 

Producer: Caitlin Newton-Broad 

Director of Photography: Ali Al Azeez 

Assistant Producer/Continuity: Jesica Montalvo 

Music: Lesley Araya 

Lead Performer: Josselyn Montalvo 

Performer: Wahanui Hemara 

Sound Operator/ Boom: Shawn Spina 

Camera Assistant: Junior Montalvo