Three friends become a family; no matter what the odds are, no matter what we have been through; we help each other, as family. Three young people hold their friendship to their heart and share a strong bond. They don’t let anything, or anyone get in their way. They spend most of their time together and they tell each other everything. Here we meet them at Bents Basin, an ancient waterhole in Western Sydney, sitting by the river watching the sunset. They head back to the camp site and sit around the fireplace, telling each other stories of the past and remembering the first day they met.  

Right here, right now, nothing else matters. 

Mahdi has his arms around the two girls, as they laugh. The friends sit by the fire place talking about their home countries, the issues and what they miss, and why they had to flee, either with or without their family. Their friendship brings together their history of seeking asylum and migration from Afghanistan, Argentina and Lebanon. This film is about the next generation of Australians, sharing friendship and solidarity. 



Director/Writer: Samia Halabi 

Producer: Caitlin Newton-Broad 

Director of Photography: Ali Al Azeez 

Music: Barbara Schefer 

Sound: Payam Gouya 

Performers: Samia Halabi, Mahdi Mohammadi & Barbara Schefer 

Executive Producer: CuriousWorks 

Editor: Samia Halabi