A key reason why Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities do not access services at the same rate as the broader population is that they are often not aware of the services that exist or what their entitlements are. Service providers therefore cannot rely on people from culturally diverse backgrounds walking through the door, but instead need to have targeted strategies in order to engage and build relationships with CALD communities.  

This workshop will look at strategies for capacity building with a particular focus on enablers to enhance service accessibility and minimise barriers experienced by CALD individuals and families. 

Content includes:

  • Identifying the cultural diversity in your service catchment area  
  • Common barriers to engaging CALD communities  
  • Effective strategies to improve access and use of services for CALD communities  
  • Understanding the available assets, resources and access points to better connect with and support culturally diverse communities   

Target audience: Frontline workers, team leaders and managers who are charged with engaging multicultural communities