People from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds experience multiple barriers when accessing services. Culturally responsive practice training is a reflective process that will help participants gain an insight into their own culture, behaviors and organisational practices to make their services more accessible and avoid creating service-related barriers.

This workshop will build participant's capability to be more responsive and confident when working with culturally diverse individuals and families. It will assist participants to communicate effectively, build trust and provide quality services to CALD service users.

Content includes:

  • Defining diversity and inclusion
  • A framework for culturally responsive practice
  • Unpacking ‘culture’ and finding the common ground to work collaboratively
  • Managing unconscious bias
  • Intersectionality and addressing disadvantage
  • Impact of migration and exile on individuals
  • Trauma-informed service delivery
  • Communication skills for effective cultural understanding

Target audience: Corporate, Government and non-government service providers