Staff who already have SSI/Access equipment that will enable them to work from home, should find the transition to working from home as straight forward. Portable items that you would normally bring with you to work, such as your laptop, can be taken home. This does not apply to equipment such as your monitor, mouse, keyboard or chair.

Equipment will be provided to staff who are not yet set up to work from home in consultation with each program and based on service delivery needs. Your manager will confirm how this will work for you in the coming weeks. In the interim, please utilise the SSI/Access devices you have.

We understand that in the meantime there might be productivity and continuity concerns, and that some staff members will only be able to work from your work phone during this transition. For security reasons, staff are not permitted to use their own personal devices.

Please do not contact IT support until you have spoken with your manager about what arrangements are being made for you. The IT Service Desk remains operational for help with existing equipment.

You will be paid as normal for the work arrangement you currently have.

Please consult with your manager about your individual circumstances.