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Mahdia video transcript

[Upbeat background music]

MAHDIA: I wish people would judge refugees from a different perspective. You might have not liked the way we came to Australia but we came here for safety, better education and better life. And these all sound so cliché, but you wouldn't truly understand it unless you actually experienced not having those in your life.

[Upbeat background music]

MAHDIA: Once I finished high school in Holroyd, I was given a full scholarship to be able to study nursing at Sydney University, and now I'm in my second year of nursing, and next year, hopefully I will be graduating.

MAHDIA: I wish people would understand that refugee is just a label and underneath it all, we are all humans, we are all equal and refugees have dreams and hopes for a better future, like everyone else does.


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How a family from Sydney's Northern Beaches helped Syrian refugees find a home with SSI Housing - video transcript

[electronic music]


NEIL JONES*: We’d just built this granny flat at the time there was the big humanitarian disaster happening in Syria and we were seeing all the images on TV of Syrian refugees.

Suddenly this idea came to us that we could actually do something useful with our granny flat to contribute to the situation.

So I guess we found SSI though a connection via the Northern Beaches Refugee Initiative.

SSI were positioned to me as the partner who would help us with the settlement process, help find suitable tenants for our flat and that they would run the accommodation as a property agent for us.

It’s also very beneficial as a landlord to have somebody in the middle who contractually manages the agreement with the tenants.

SSI can step in and do as little or as much of that as it’s needed. It’s very comforting to have that sort of contractual safety net, if you like.

They provide a very cost-effective property management service for me.

The family who moved in, they have two daughters who are eight and four, which are roughly the same age as my daughters. From very early on, the girls just started playing together.

So, very quickly, we became parents, and members of a community and neighbours who look out for each other in the normal way.

It’s been great. It’s been a real experience for us all.

[Speaking ends]

 End Screen

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Strengthening children through culture: SSI Foster carers share their stories - video transcript

[background music] video title: Strengthening children through culture: SSI Foster carers share their stories

THUY: my name is Thuy I am a Vietnamese foster carer. Altogether I had been in foster care about six years, and I look after about 20 foster kids.

NURTEN KUMRU: My name is Nurten Kumru. And I've been foster care since 2009. I'll look after for the children, sometimes two kids, three kids, four kids.

IQBAL: My name is Iqbal [and] I got my three foster kids with me more than eight years [ago], eight and a half.

[Background music]

TARIRO MAPFUMO, SSI Foster Carer Coordinator: Where possible SSI tries to match the culture religion or language so that the child can actually feel safe and can identify with the carer that they've been placed with.

[Background music]

TARIRO: So a cultural care plan is sort of like a guide to formulate a guide on how to actually support the child to identify who they are.

It's really a collaborative work checking with the extended community, checking with the parents checking with the child; and caseworkers will do their own research.

IQBAL: And the identity very important for the child. [It] makes it easy for them to grow up not confused. They understand who they are, where they are from.

[Background music]

TARIRO: Being a multicultural service provider we've got carers from different cultural backgrounds; so we ensure that our training as well is provided in different languages.

NURTEN: There is a Turkish caseworker and I speak my language and they help me.

VIETNAMESE FOSTER CARER: Carol need help [a] Vietnamese case worker [I] have asked [for] came quickly and [they are] very polite; that's the good thing.

IQBAL: like your own kids you have to deal with a good thing and with a bad thing and we have that the training every month and its really it's helpful. They teach you how to deal with the difficulties with the behavior everything and its really it's I benefit from the trailing with SSI a lot.

[background music]

FOSTER CARER: foster care is really, really good.

TARIRO: we're trying to create a nurturing environment a healing process for the children. We want the child to love who they are as they grow older.

IQBAL: [It is] The best thing I ever done and I encourage everyone to do it, to look after these kids.


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Broken Time video trabnscript

A scene is set

[Boat engine whirs]

[Engine noise abruptly cuts out]

[Distant traffic sounds]

[Birds chirp]

[Middle Eastern string instrument begins playing]

[Music fades out and is replaced by the sound of traffic]

[Birds chirp softly]

[Tense music starts playing]

[Voices speak softly in the distance]

[A car drives past]

[Tense music resumes]


[Phone rings]


[Middle Eastern string instrument resumes and fades out]


MAN CASEWORKER: ‘The refugee lad you sent over this afternoon?’


MAN CASEWORKER: ‘He’s done a runner’.


[Middle Eastern string instrument resumes]

[Middle Eastern string instrument fades but continues playing softly]

HOMELESS GIRL: ‘I ran away from home when I was 16.
‘My dad started beating my mum and I again, and mum stared drinking again so I left I haven’t seen either of them since and I don’t want to see either of them again’.

ALI: ‘I would do anything to see my family’

[Middle Eastern string instrument plays more loudly]


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New Roots Ambassador Hameed Kherkhah video transcript

Hi my name is Hameed Kherkhah, I play for the Campbelltown Camden Ghosts.

My dad came here as a refugee from Afghanistan. Our family came here afterwards.

When we arrived here we faced a lot of challenges.

Now I’d like to introduce to you a new App it’s called the new roots.

It’s a great app. I think it’s going to help a lot of people, a lot of refugees.

It can help you apply for work, study, and learn your way around.

This app can help people by helping them stay strong, meet different people, get in to sports and organisations.

This app can also help with managing money. It comes in four languages, Arabic, English, Farsi and Tamil.

It has stories of other people who have arrived to Australia and videos, and there’s much more stuff in there.

This app is really good and I recommend people use it.

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