Volunteer Opportunities

Community Engagement Playtime Assistant

Play time assistantPlaytime is a weekly multicultural playgroup for parents and pre-school aged children which aims to address social isolation through developing local community networks. These groups aim to build confidence inparenting, life skills and improve English proficiency.

Playtime Assistants work alongside the facilitator to support the smooth running of playgroups by assisting with children’s activities and set up and pack up of resources.

  • Tuesdays 10am -12pm, Liverpool
  • Thursdays 9:30am – 11:30am, Lakemba
  • Friday 10am – 12pm, Fairfield

For the Lakemba group Playtime Assistants will work with pre-school aged children in supervised play and is for female volunteers only. At the Fairfield and Liverpool groups Playtime Assistants will be matched with parent/s and their pre-school aged children during playgroup to support their participation in activities.

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Community Engagement Playtime Assistant (Community Language)

A woman playing with a young child.Playtime is a weekly multicultural playgroup for women and pre-school aged children which enables women to develop meaningful friendships with others while their children take part in structured educational activities.

Playtime Assistants (Community Language) work alongside the facilitator to support the smooth running of playgroups by assisting with children’s activities, set up and pack up of resources, and by providing language assistance. Playtime Assistants will be matched with parent/s and their pre-school aged children during playgroup to support their participation in activities

  • Tuesdays 10am-12pm Liverpool. Arabic, Persian and Tamil language needed
  • Fridays 10am-12pm Fairfield. Arabic and Persian language needed

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Employment mentor

employment mentor Successful employment is one of the highest priorities for newly arrived refugees and is vital to building a new life in Australia. Employment mentors, from various professions, are engaged by SSI Employment to guide recently arrived refugees seeking employment in the same or similar profession.

Volunteers add significant value to refugees' job seeking efforts by offering insight into industry job markets, targeted job application strategies and workplace culture. Where appropriate, mentors will also look to introduce job seekers to their own professional networks and contacts.

Make a significant difference to the lives of newly arrived refugees – apply to become an employment mentor today.

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Employment Readiness assistant - Campsie

Employment ReadinessEmployment is integral in the settlement journey for newly arrived refugees, migrants and asylum seekers and for other vulnerable people in our community. It provides a valuable pathway to achieving independence.

The Employment readiness assistant will support an SSI Employment initiative to prepare recently arrived refugees for entering the Australian workplace. This role will focus on guiding, assisting and proactively supporting HSS clients as they look for work.

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Food distribution and delivery assistant

OzHarvest volunteers SSI's food delivery program provides people who are supported by SSI’s Emergency Housing Assistance Program with access to donated perishable and non-perishable food items.

The Food Distribution and Delivery Assistant supports the emergency relief food program by accepting, sorting, distributing and delivering food donated byby Oz Harvest and Second Bite.

Volunteers for food distribution and delivery must be available on a Thursday. 

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Ignite business mentor

Ignite Business MentorIgnite business mentors offer holistic one-on-one support to Ignite entrepreneurs.

Mentors work with entrepreneurs through a multitude of mediums including text, email, phone and in person. The role of the mentor is to coach, guide and assist in building the confidence of an entrepreneur as they establish and/or grow their business.

SSI is not currently recruiting for this role.

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Ignite merchandise assistant

Ignite merchandise assistantThe Ignite Small Business Start-ups initiative facilitates small business creation for people from refugee and asylum seeker backgrounds, and people with disability, who want to start their own business or expand an existing one.

The Ignite merchandise assistant roles support Ignite entrepreneurs by selling their products at festivals, events, markets and functions. Volunteers also work with Ignite facilitators and entrepreneurs to maximise sales, increase the customer base and provide product feedback to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

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Social support volunteers

Mr Kiplin volunteerSocial support volunteers help newly arrived refugees and people seeking asylum to access local services and build social networks in their local community.

Volunteers also support recent-arrivals to gain a better understanding of Australian cultural practices and the public transport system.

For the Social Support role, proficiency in a relevant community language is essential. Examples include Arabic, Tamil, Dari, Farsi, Burmese, Rohingya, Karen and Nepali, and other community languages as required.

SSI is currently seeking only social support volunteers with Arabic, Assyrian and Tibetan language skills. 

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Success stories

Muhammad Sadiq: How I came to call Australia home

Muhammad Sadiq cooking for people seeking asylum at Community Kitchen.I came to Australia as a refugee in 2009, hoping to find a peaceful place to build a home for my family. Increasing persecution of the Hazara community from which my family and I come meant that our native land, Pakistan, was no longer the safe haven it once had been.

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