SSI Youth@Work is an innovative program that connects people aged 15–24 from migrant and refugee backgrounds with mentors to support them on their employment journey in Australia.

The program aims to enhance the career outcomes of multicultural youth who often find it difficult to maintain employment in Australia because of language and cultural barriers, and limited support and knowledge about the local jobs market.

Tailored for young people who are living in Greater Western and South Western Sydney, the program provides youth with one-on-one support for up to six months to help them adjust to the Australian jobs market, stay in work, and set the foundations for their career goals.

Young people communicate with mentors via phone, email or in person and are connected with professionals with similar career interests to enhance their employment outcomes.

The SSI Youth@Work program empowers and supports young people by providing a direct link with mentors who have extensive experience in the Australian workforce.

The program is open to migrant or refugee youth who meet the following criteria:

  • Are 15-24 years of age
  • Are living in the Greater Western Sydney and South Western Sydney area
  • Are employed or completing an apprenticeship or traineeship
  • Are from a migrant or refugee background and have lived in Australia for less than 10 years

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M: 0487 680 207

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SSI Youth@Work is funded by the Australian Government Department of Employment as part of the Empowering YOUth Initiatives.

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